Monday, July 7, 2008

The Driveway is in! Part of it anyway.

Yay! We are getting our driveway! It is nice to see some progress. Closer to getting into our home.They still need to finish 50 feet but will wait until the foundation and house are finished. The bull dozer and trucks will only throw the gravel around so that is why they wait. Heck I thought they just threw the gravel down. My hubby laughed at me!

We are having gravel for now. Maybe we will upgrade later and pave it.
More pictures to come later. Next is the foundation. Hopefully soon.

Damn Builder

So I am feeling a little frustrated. Long story short.....Builder put the wrong size wood trim in our house.....when asked about they tell us yes that is the standard trim.....Hmmm but we ordered the wide trim......they try to talk us out of changing it.....offering us money......then the comment was made well the standard trim would NOT look right with 9 foot ceilings....WE HAVE 9 FOOT CEILINGS! Guess they know what they need to do. Change the damn trim to what we ordered in the first place.

Ahhhhh I feel better now!