Friday, November 14, 2008

I am so behind...

Wow I have not updated my blog in a long time. Well things have been busy and a little hectic the past few months, that could be why. The house is coming along and the last we heard is it will be done by Thanksgiving. Yay! We have been living in the loft at mother in laws for a little over a month now and are ready for our own space again. I am ready to be organized and not live out of boxes. It will be so nice when I can find something I am looking for. I hope the next two weeks go by quickly. We are staying busy, painting, shopping for appliances, etc. That definitely helps pass the time. One thing that is driving me crazy is I cannot find the charger for my digital camera and the battery is dead. Ugh! You think I would have packed that with my things I brought to the loft. Nope! Can't find it anywhere. Dammit I want to take and upload some more pics.

Last night I was able meet some more nesties. I had a great time. We had a TTC happy hour at Champps. I had some very yummy onion soup and a graden salad. We chit chat on the nestie website everyday but it was nice to see each other in person. Can't wait to do it again and meet some others. So happy it is Friday! I am ready for the weekend!