Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Victorian Tea for Lunch Today

I had the most awesome lunch today! Me and a few other nurses went to a cute tea house. What a treat for me, I absolutely loved it.
The atmosphere was great!

Started with a bowl of broccoli cheese soup in this darling heart shaped bowl.

All the hot tea you could ever want. I tried the english teatime, it was very good. I just loved all the china, it was beautiful.

Just a picture of the tea pot we had that held the hot water.

This is what our serving tray looked like. The Victorian tea included: Cup of Soup,Four Fruits, Five savory eats, Three desserts, Freshly baked scones with jam & Devonshire CreamPlenty of hot steaming tea

There were so many unique things to look at.

This was in the bathroom. Too cute.

A unique picture in the bathroom. Those are paper dolls on the frame. I will definitely be doing this again. I know my mom would love this. I plan on taking her the next time she is up to visit.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Started a weight loss journey

So since I have been married I have put on at least 30 pounds. How the heck did I let that happen? Happiness will do that to you. Finally I was fed up and refused to go up a size in clothes. Plus I was feeling like such a slug, not wanting to go anywhere, none of my clothes fit right. Weight Watchers here I come. I am so happy today after my first week and weigh in I lost 6 pounds. I know I won't have this much loss every week but what I way to start. I feel so much better. I just want to stick to it and feel better about myself.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


As I started the packing process for our future move coming up I came across quite a few of my baby pictures. I just could not stand them being in that ziplock bag anymore. I tried two different photoalbums, regular 4x6 and a magnetic album, I was not happy with either one. Then I though maybe I could scrapbook them. There are soo many cute albums and accessories. After work one day I stopped at Michael's and bought some supplies. Here we go so far I am very happy with how it is turning out.
I am not a fancy scrapbooker or a pro at it. But if I'm happy with it then that's all that matters anyway. Much better than a boring photoalbum I must say!

Still have quite a bit left to do but it's a start!