Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our Long Weekend--Part One

We had a nice long weekend which started out with 3 nights at a cottage in Huron OH.We walked across a very rocky path to get to this lighthouse.

The scenery was beautiful.

This was the full moon that Saturday night we were fishing off the dock.

This is what you saw from the deck at the cottage.

Beautiful sunrise the morning we left. Next off to Michigan for the Nascar race! Yipee!

Awwww beautiful. Part two coming soon.

Our House

Finally some construction we want to see! This is the front of the house so far. Still have a ways to go.

Side view of the house. If you are facing the house this is the left side.

This is actually the same side as above. Just more toward the back.

This is the back of the house. Our great room with a vaulted ceiling. I hope they hurry up bacause I am ready to move in! :o)