Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bad Week

I decided to make a life long change and join weight watchers on Tuesday. I read through all the materials that night and decided I would start the actual plan on Wednesday. Seeing what I weigh was a huge wake up call and a little depressing but hey at least I'm trying to do something about it. I want to be healthy and feel good.

My day went well until my drive home which involved tires screeching and a loud boom. I knew this would probably happen eventually as there have been several close calls before. You can't go from 55 mph to a complete stop in 2 seconds. I'm trying to stay positive and tell myself again and again at least you were not hurt badly. My poor little car was. My favorite car, I have had for 8 years, never giving me any problems, did every oil change, service that was recommended, and also was paid off. Ugh! I was planning on trading it in next year to get more of a family car, two door car would be a little tough. My husband and I are waiting patiently for the insurance adjuster to evaluate the damage. The dealership estimates $6500 right now, not sure that my car is worth that much, might be close. But then again do I want a car that was wrecked, it will probably never be the same. :o( Oh well I'm sure everything will work out for the best. Oh yes kinda funny CPD calls for a wrecker. This two shady guys come one looks like santa claus the other was a skinny thing with no teeth , pop bottle glasses and a cigarrette in hhis mouth the whole time! they wanted to take my car to their storage lot somewhere downtown on 4th street that sounded really shady! I said NO I don't think so. When I think about them now I laugh. Wish I had taken a picture. Darn!

One positive thing is I am doing great on my weight watchers. Trying to stay away from the scale so I do not get discouraged but honestly I am feeling better already. I did did a cute rental car, a black Nissan Sentra.
Just hoping this is not a sign of a string of bad luck that's about to happen. Please no!

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I am so sorry about your accident!