Sunday, February 22, 2009


This weekend has been pretty good. Friday night we went out with a couple we had not seen in several months. We went to the local mexican restaurant and then came back to our house and played Wii. Today I went to church. I will admit when I woke up I kinda did not want to go. But now that I did I feel so good. Church is an outlet for me, praying helps relieve stress and I get some things off my mind. Right now I needed to pray for my Grandma who is in the hospital with bronchitis and very high blood pressure. Chad and I are going home this Friday and Saturday to visit. All of my family except for my sister are about 3 hours away. A year has gone by so fast and I feel guilty I have not been home to visit since Christmas 2007. But we were very busy last year building our house and dealing with other issues at the begining of the year. Better late than never.

Nothing new to report. Same old same old.

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