Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Ended Up Being Great

Well I was really having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit this year for some reason. I think a large part of it was the year went by too fast and then we were moving and trying to get settled a few weeks before. Christmas Eve I was kinda worried about being alone since Chad had to work. Christmas Eve is always a big night in my family. We go to both Grandparents house, eat lots of good food and have some great family time. It is hard when my family is 3 hours away, just not a hop, skip and a jump. :( I went to Christmas Eve mass and it was so beautiful! They had trumpets players and the music was awesome. I felt a little emotional and I know I had tears in my eyes at times but I am SO glad I went.

Christmas day my mother in law came over and we made dinner together. I really enjoyed that, spending some good quality time with her. The rest of the day was nothing but rest and relaxation. Which is exactly what I wanted. Saturday we had Chad's sister, husband and our beautiful niece Maddy here. They live in Chicago but hopefully will be moving back as soon as they can. We really miss them. It was a great visit, we played some games, had a nice dinner and then opened some gifts. I made a breakfast casserole this am and they left a little after 10AM to head back to Chicago. It was sad, I know Chad was really sad he misses them. I could not look at him when he came back into the house after saying goodbye because I knew I would see tears in his eyes. I loves watching Maddy open her gifts. Her facial expressions are so cute and she is SO animated when she talks. One of the best parts was when we turned on some music and she danced and danced. I don't think I have smiled or laughed that much in a long while. It was so darn cute!I will have to post some pics.

One other thing that made my Christmas happy was the + OPK I had on Christmas Eve morning. We are keeping our fingers crossed that we are blessed with a baby soon. Trying to conceive is not an easy thing.

Thanks for reading.....:)

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Danica Lynn said...

I am hoping for a POSITIVE outcome for you this coming year. Sending love and good wishes! Happy New Year!