Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Feeling sad today......

So my morning starts off with ,"you won't believe who died." One of my patients, a young 58 year old that was just in for an appointment on the 13th. He was such a pleasant person even though he had been through a really rough time. His wife commited suicide a year and a half ago. Of course he was having trouble dealing with it. Who wouldn't?? He loved her! When he was in we talked about the holidays which I assumed were hard for him. He told me his family had gotten together for the first time in a long while and that he really enjoyed himself. He said " We celebrated the real reason for Christmas, no gifts, just spending quality time with family." I have felt sad all day and on my drive home I thought about him and the last time I saw him. I'm really glad he and his family had that one really nice last Christmas together. Now maybe he can be with his wife and she can explain why she did what she did. I hope he rests in peace.

I did have a positive thing happen prior to work. A positive OPK! I'm trying to relax and not think about it too much. Maybe this will be our cycle. It's only been six months now. I NEVER thought it would have taken this long. Of course what does my husband do? Works a double yesterday, out with friends tonight celebrating a birthday and has plans with another friend tomorrow. Ugh! Hopefully we will be blessed with a baby soon.

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