Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pretty Snow!

My kitty cat looking out the window. I think she is starting to feel comfortable now. At first she would only come out of our bedroom to eat and use the litter box. but now she is all over the place. This is the biggest living space she has ever had and she still has not seen the basement.I'm just relaxing on this cold Sunday morning. The snow has been falling off and on. It looks really pretty. This is my view from my absolute favorite chair.
It is so quiet and peaceful out in the country. A big change for this city girl but I LOVE it. So far I have seen a few birds, squirrels, and deer. I hope the numbers increase in the spring. I plan on putting some feeders out so I'm sure that will help.

The picture below shows the field where we have seen some deer. A few weeks ago we saw thirteen, two of which were bucks. Yesterday we saw about eight back at the fence line. Too far for me to get a picture. Hmmm maybe I need to invest in a camera with the lenses.

The snow is very pretty but not liking the cold so much. Especially the below zero temps. Hopefully we can get back up into the 30's at least soon.

Now I need to get motivated to go grocery shopping. It's really hard when the weather is cold. Plus it's Sunday and the store will be a mad house. I could go tomorrow but I already know that I would rather come home after work than go to the store.


Danica Lynn said...

I love the view!

Kitties do take awhile to come out when you first move. Mine would hide for days and only come out like you said for food and litter box. Crazy kitties! HA

Brad and Lezlee Strong said...

I can't believe you have a blog! HOORAY! I also can't believe that you have celebrated your 3rd anniversary! Time has gone by way too fast. I loved working with the both of you guys! I miss you to death and I am so glad that I can keep checking in on you guys! I LOVE YOU home as well! Wish we could go to that one restaurant by the hospital with the ladies and catch up! I learned a lot there!!!