Saturday, May 16, 2009

My's been awhile

I am so stinkin bad at keeping up on my blog. But then again I have been busy lately. We have been getting a lot done around the house. Last weekend a very good friend of mine came over and gave me that push that I needed and helped me decorate. It feels good to finally have some pictures on the walls, feels even more like a home now. My husband and I painted out bedroom and tomorrow plan on painting the hallway. He has been busy too working his normal job, helping his friend with the farm and working on the outside of the house, planting grass etc.

Still waiting for that month my period does not come and I am pregnant. We are both checking out ok. I had my HSG (dye test to look at tubes and uterus), My OB did it and while there said tubes were open and everything looked ok but she would talk to me more after the radiologist read it. Of course the radiologist felt a little different, there was a small fibroid and a "filling defect" in the lower segment of my uterus. He suggested a ultrasound or MRI to follow up. She did point out this area but felt that it was probably just an air bubble from the contrast/dye. Tuesday I go in for a pelvic ultrasound and hope that everything checks ok. I'm tired of being on this rollercoaster!

Last Saturday on my way home from dinner I found four very small kittens in the middle of a country road by my house. I stopped to look around and see of there was a mom but did not see one. They were crying for help, shaking! I could NOT leave them so I loaded them up in my car and brought them home. I made them a little house out of a few boxes to keep them safe. They stayed with me until Monday afternoon when the shelter (No kill) near by accepted them. They were so loving and friendly! I just do not understand how someone could drop them off out in the middle of no where. They would not have had a chance if I or anyone else had not found them. I got attached to those little babies even though I only had them for about 48 hours. I still miss them and think about them. I know they are in good hands and will find good homes. The ladies at the shelter estimated them to be about 5 weeks old, 2 boys and 2 girls.

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Danica said...

Glad to see you blogged! I've been missing ya. Sounds like you're on the road to decorating that beautiful home of yours.

And I'm still keeping you in my thoughts for a positive pregnancy this year. HUGS